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Ready for the Digital Future

Transform your company and upskill your workforce

Digitalisation is no longer optional; it has never been as crucial as it is today. Therefore, we created this program to help you and your company fast-track your digital transformation. Learn how to set up a company-wide digital transformation program and bring tangible benefits across your organization.

  • Transform your strategy, processes and customer interactions
    Understand key drivers of digital transformation and set up a comprehensive digital company-transforming program, suited to your vision and specific ambition level. 
  • Increased adoption of learning tools
    Get hands-on experience of the most common digital business enablers (PowerBi, Robotic Process Automation, Machine learning) and languages (SQL and Python) to drive real improvement towards an upskilled workforce.
  • Mindset shift
    Increase your chances of success by opening yourself to find quicker, better, easier ways for more efficient decision making.

Five modules cover topics which follow an underlying agenda of becoming data-driven and customer-mindful modern business. Each module is a building block on the path of building a digitally savvy company. By enhancing the digital fitness of the participants, this program serves as the best first step in your digitalisation kick-off process. 


Fit for digital future
Who is it for?
  • SMEs with basic IT knowledge and little or no in-house knowledge on digital topics, aware of the importance of data in making everyday business decisions  

  • Line managers or employees who make important operational decisions daily, but usually without information readily available and on time, such as decisions which impact budgets, people, manufacturing, production, shipping, etc. depending on your line of business - sales, marketing, procurement, logistics

Key benefits for participants: 

  • Understanding digital transformation and its strategic aspects, impacts and complexities

  • Knowledge and skills to create an environment that will have vital information available in shorter time 

  • More independence in obtaining vital information needed for always faster decision making (data-driven decisions, data analytics and data visualisation)

  • Hands-on experience and practice of the most common digital business enablers (PowerBi, Robotic Process Automation, Machine learning) and languages (SQL and Python)

Key benefits for organizations:

  • Digital Transformation Strategy and Operational setup - educated and upskilled employees who will not only understand the key digital transformation requirements but also be able to implement and use them

  • Tangible know-how - employees will get familiar with the techniques and tools to gain better understanding, insight, and visualisation of data (PowerBI, SQL, Robotic Process Automation) in order to make better data-driven decisions

  • Predictive Analytics - your employees will get familiar with the basic use of Python, basic concepts of Machine Learning and see multiple examples of their usage


Module 1: Digital transformation strategy 1 July 2021 (9am-1pm)
Module 2: Data analytics 6 July 2021 (9am-3pm)
Module 3: Maximizing your data with SQL 8 July 2021 (9am-1pm)
Module 4: Robotic Process Automation 13 July 2021 (9am-1pm)
Module 5: Predictive analytics 15 July 2021 (9am-1pm)

Delivery method: Live-online or face-to-face
*Contact us for in-house training opportunities. 

Delivery language: English

Full program price: 1000 EUR + VAT*

*Different attendees from the same company may attend different modules for the full program price

Early bird by 15 June 2021: 800 EUR + VAT
Single module price: 300 EUR+VAT (no early bird option)

Certification of attendance: It will be distributed to all participants upon course completion.

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Tanja Čuraković Jakovljević

Tanja is a Manager in the Consulting department of PwC Croatia and an experienced digital transformation expert. She has gained her experience by working with clients and teams across Europe, on advisory projects, but also through execution of digital transformation programs in practice. Her experience includes positions with Big Four consulting companies and an European telekom group HQ, where she has worked on projects such as internal digitalisation strategy development and execution, automation, eCommerce optimization and lead management, user and customer experience topics, omni-channel transformation and contact steering, mobile application customer acquisition, engagement and monetisation, just to mention a few. Teams she worked in span 12 European countries so Tanja has an extensive understanding of how market specifics can influence program execution and expected results.



  • University of Rijeka, Faculty of Economics, Master degree in Management

  • Internet marketing Academy, Zagreb

  • Google Analytics, Zagreb 

  • Google Tag Manager, Budapest 

  • Marketing Academy: GoToMarket – Case Study

  • Master Classes Training: Intercultural Communication, Presentation and Negotiation Skills – Module 1 and Module 2, Prague 

  • Coaching for Team Leaders Zagreb

Sasa Kendjel

Saša is a Data Analytics & Automation Manager at PwC Croatia and an experienced IT professional with substantial experience in retail systems, CRM integration, DWH systems, including DWH data gathering, data manipulation and processing. Additionally, he has been responsible for the in-house software development processes and mobile application development according to the client’s needs, as well as development and implementation of customized software for large corporate clients, e.g. virtual platforms, applicant tracking systems, machine learning systems for matching and recommendation.

Saša has professional experience in data analysis and visualisation, data analytics, data migration and verification. He was the international business manager for the Slovenian, Bosnian and North Macedonian markets in Alma Media’s acquisitions in CEE. Saša was a speaker at an HR related conferences in Rovinj, Croatia (HR Days), Legal Hackers, and others.


  • PhD Computer Science, Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing Zagreb  (current study)

  • MSc Computer Science (Information processing), Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing Zagreb – Croatia.

  • E-Leadership MBA – Master study, University college of Algebra and Kelley University.

  • Oracle database certificate, Oracle WebLogic certificate

  • PM Edge by PMI

  • FCE – level C1

Luka Novak

Luka is a Senior Consultant at PwC Croatia focused on Advanced Analytics and Artificial Intelligence. Prior to joining the Croatian practice, Luka worked as a Machine Learning and AI Expert at PwC Czech in Prague. In his work, Luka has focused on AI, machine learning and big data projects, data science projects, data pipeline development, business intelligence and automation projects. Within PwC, Luka has developed several AI or data analytics applications for domestic and international clients. In 2020, Luka delivered PwC Data Academy training in the field of AI for the whole CEE region. Also, Luka was a guest speaker to the first generation in the PwC’s Digital Accelerators Programme, giving a training on "AI path: Success Story Sharing", as one of the only few PwC AI experts in the region.




  • Master’s degree in Computer Science, Zagreb, UNIZG

  • Advanced Machine Learning Specialisation, HSE & Yandex, Coursera


  • Software development: Python, git, SQL

  • Advanced analytics in Python: NumPy, SciPy, Pandas, TensorFlow, Keras, XGBoost, Gensim, scikit-learn, SpaCy, OpenCV

  • Data pipelines: Python, SQL, MongoDB

  • BI tools

  • Other: C#, Java, Linux

Domagoj-Jure Galić

Domagoj is a Senior Associate at PwC Croatia specialised in financial risk modelling and data analytics with focus on probabilistic modelling. Domagoj has over five years of experience in mathematical modelling, advanced data analytics as well as implementation of various related software solutions. His experience includes work on various data intensive projects in sectors ranging from banking, automotive to telecommunications.




  • Education:

    • University of Zagreb, Faculty of Sciences and Mathematics, Master’s degree in Mathematics

  • Tools and technologies:

    • Programming languages: Python, C, Julia, SAS, Matlab

    • Specialised analytical libraries: NumPy, SciPy, Pandas, PyMC3, PyTorch, Dask, scikit-learn, XGBoost, Turing, Flux

    • SQL flavours and databases: MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle SQL, DB2, MariaDB

  • Other:

    • GNU/Linux (Debian based)

    • Git, TravisCI, Jenkins, Gerrit, Jira

    • Jupyter

Ante Strize

Ante is a Senior Consultant at PwC Croatia working mostly in data analysis and automation of business processes. Prior to joining PwC, Ante worked as an IT Developer and Product Manager on digital transformation projects. Ante has professional experience in the areas of robotic process automation, data analysis and visualization, SQL query analysis, data transformation and export. Additionally, Ante worked on numerous projects in data migration verification on ERP implementations, performing IT risk assessments and developing methodology for IS review, business process and control reviews and third party assurance (SOC2) projects for IT companies.

Ante was a guest speaker in PwC’s Digital Accelerators program entitled "RPA: success story sharing" by showcasing his projects to inspire a new generation of developers.


  • Education:

    • Masters degree in IT Management, Faculty  of Economics, University of Split, Croatia

    • UiPath RPA Developer Certificate

    • Oracle Database Foundations Certificate

    • Appian Developer Certificate

  • Technologies:

    • UiPath, Power BI, Qlik

    • Javascript, Visual Basic

    • SQL

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