Legal Transformation Programme

What is Legal Transformation Programme?

Our Legal Transformation Programme is focused on teaching participants how to create an innovative mindset, and how to apply technologies and business skills towards becoming more competitive and successful in a rapidly changing legal services market. During the programme, participants will experience a match of cutting edge knowledge supply and hands-on technology application through interactive lectures and workshops delivered by experts from across Europe and beyond.

Who is it for?

This training programme is intended for legal, IT and business professionals employed with law firms and legal departments.

If you want to find out how you can become involved and take charge of an ongoing legal market transformation, our Legal Transformation Programme is for you!  

Why is this programme important?

Market research results and reports show that the top two transformations in the delivery of legal services will involve greater use of technology and greater degree of specialization. Furthermore, 70% of legal professionals have reported the lack of technology knowledge and skills, and not understanding operating systems that use technology as the top reasons for employee resistance to new technologies. More than one-half of lawyers across both Europe and the USA expect to see some impact from transformational technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Blockchain however, less than 24% of them have reported that they understand technology (‘’The Future Ready Lawyer Survey’’, Wolters Kluwer 2019). Taking the foregoing into account, one could argue that mastering the art of addressing these challenges could be the first and fundamental requirement, not only for legal professionals but also for other business and IT professionals in the legal industry, to stay afloat and competitive in the changing legal market, which is shaped predominantly by new technologies, new competitors,  increasing client expectations, technology-based regulation, and events of global magnitude (i.e. pandemics).

This is where we come in!

Legal Transformation - Programme structure:

  • Session 1: The Legal (R)evolution (Holger Zscheyge & Srđan Dejanović)
  • ession 2: Legal Innovation & Design(Alisha Andert & Joaquin Santuber)
  • Session 3: Legal Operations & In-house innovation (Sara Nenadić Rušnov & Grégoire Miot)
  • Session 4: Legal Technologies (Sara Nenadić Rušnov & Stefan Dejanović)
  • Session 5: Legal Transformation Manpower (Olga Gezha & Daan Vansimpsen)
  • Session 6: Change Management and Leadership (Miro Smolović)
  • Session 7: Legal Tech Application Workshop TBD
  • Session 8: Legal Coding & Legal Transformation Start Up (Henrik Wehrs)
  • Session 9: Legal Tech Product Development Workshop (Stefan Dejanović)
  • Session 10: Legal Transformation Roadmap Walk-through (Sara Nenadić Rušanov & Srđan Dejanović)
  • End of Programme: Final Assessment 

*Maximum session duration 8 hours The Programme is delivered Online.


Legal transformation training

The Programme is delivered Online.

The Programme is delivered in English.

The Sessions and Workshops are delivered by experts from across Europe and beyond.

Legal Transformation Specialist 

This package includes Sessions 1, 2, 3, 4 + Level 1 Assessment (Written Test).

Participants who chose to pursue the Legal Transformation Specialist certification will be provided with first-hand insight into the changing legal market, new business models, strategies and workflows, cutting-edge knowledge and experience in legal design and innovation, an overview of the legal technology landscape with all the latest relevant types of legal tech solutions, including the application of AI and Blockchain in the legal industry. Furthermore, the participants will learn how to strategically optimize legal processes and maximize their overall performance.

Legal Transformation Practitioner 

This package incudes Sessions  5, 6, 7 + Level 2 Assessment (Written Test & Solution Demonstration).

* Eligibility requirement: Legal Transformation Specialist Training Program completed

Legal Transformation Practitioner certification provides programme participants with advanced knowledge about the latest legal job market trends, insight into what it is like to be a legal engineer, how to successfully manage change in your organization and earn leadership buy-in. Interactive lectures are complemented with a legal technology application workshop, which will provide  participants with an opportunity to gain first-hand experience on how technology can be used to upgrade the delivery of legal services, and to apply the newly acquired knowledge and skills upon programme completion.

 Legal Transformation Master 

This package includes Sessions  8, 9, 10 + Final Assessment (Written Test + Solution Demonstration + Legal Tech Product Development roadmap presentation).

* Eligibility requirement: Legal Transformation Specialist Training Programme + Legal Transformation Practitioner Training Programme completed

The Legal Transformation Master certification represents the final stage and the apex of the programme. Participants will learn how to start their legal transformation journey and leverage on the synergies between start-ups and large corporate structures to innovate, research and develop new solutions. Holders of the Legal Transformation Master Certificate will not only be provided with cutting-edge knowledge on the legal transformation process and hands-on experience in using digital solutions to provide legal services but will also be taught how to design the roadmap for creating tailor-made legal tech software products, and manage the process from start to finish. Lastly, the participants will be provided with a comprehensive walkthrough covering the entire programme, summarised sequentially in a unique Programme Map (Table Matrix). The main aim on the Final Legal Transformation Roadmap Walk-Through is to help participants implement strategies and technologies in their daily activities, with the skills and tools acquired during this programme.

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