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Consumer markets

PwC’s consumer markets practice provides support in areas such as disruption, the impacts of e-commerce, supply chain management, compliance and regulatory pressures, data analytics and changing customer demands.

How we can help

These are energising and exciting times for global consumer goods companies and retailers, as they retool their organisations to respond to the disruption caused by new technologies, especially mobile, and changing consumer expectations. We have more than 20,000 people serving the sector in almost 160 countries. No matter where your business takes you in the world, we have the resources to help you win in your markets.

Making the customer experience better through analytics

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As technology rapidly changes every industry, PwC's Consumer Markets sector brings an in-depth understanding of industry dynamics, extensive experience along the entire value chain and broad functional capabilities. We’re helping businesses evolve and thrive in a changing world.


Promotional excellence through data analytics

How to manage your whole promotion management process and propose the most effective and profitable promo campaigns in order to achieve planned goals? Through our PwC advanced data analytics based tool for both retailers and producers looking to increase promotional efficiency and effectiveness.

Stronger brands and innovation

Shifting consumer needs and increased importance of trends makes building engaging Private Label brands critical for retail success. Responding to changing retail landscape, we support our clients at all stages of the new brand and product development process, from insight to execution.

Omnichannel success

Level of digitalization and omnichannel development varies depending on product category (e.g. consumer electronics vs. grocery), and customers are not homogenic in the way they treat online channels during customer journeys. Therefore it is crucial for both retailers and manufacturers to understand the role and properly manage all touchpoints. Our dedicated team can help with end-to-end digital transformation strategies, as well as establishment of digital platforms increasing acquisition, engagement and retention of customers for B2C and B2B.


Top notch customer experience and loyalty

Give customers a great experience and they’ll buy more, be more loyal and share their experience with friends. That’s what every company strives for. Yet, so many consumers seem disappointed. Call it an experience disconnect: companies tout the latest technology or snappy design, but haven’t focused on—or invested in—the most meaningful aspects of customer experience. Our dedicated team can help you improve customer experience across channels and touchpoints, and design the best suited loyalty programme.

Smart HQ

How to optimize cost and increase efficiency, while freeing up your people for more value adding activities? Smart HQ is a transformation program tailored to Retail & Consumer businesses to create a lean, efficient and digitally-enabled organization, prepared for growth of the business.

Key opportunities in Distribution & 3PL

Supply chain efficiency

How to make your 3PL operations most effective and optimize your costs through better control and process automation? Our Supply Chain Efficiency solution reviews the organizational, operational and digital aspects in order to help distributors and 3PL’s to enjoy sustainable success.

Network design

How to grow the capacity of your 3PL operations in an effective and efficient manner, and how to make sure you are about to make the right investments? Our Network Design solution includes the review of the efficiency of the transport and warehouse operations as well as modelling of the target topology of the logistics network in order to recommend the optimal target network and simultaneously, realize significant cost savings.


Global Consumer Insights Survey 2019

Learn how your company can participate in the new global marketplace.

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