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PwC's main asset is its people, as the firm success depends on their professionalism. For this reason we encourage our employees' desire to develop and build a successful career. We are ready to provide all the support that an employee needs to meet his or her objectives.

The firm's Learning and Development programme provides a system of constant professional and personal development for employees, which covers four primary areas:

  • International professional qualifications,
  • Professional and software skills,
  • Interpersonal and communication skills, and
  • Developing managerial and leadership qualities.

The Learning and Development programme is considered individually for each employee, taking into account their position and individual qualities. Every employee is given the opportunity to attend both internal and external trainings.

Selection process for experienced professionals

You are interested in our firm and you would like to apply. It is easy: please, apply online and submit your professional CV. The next stages of our selection process are the following:

  • Screening CVs
    Our recruitment experts screen each submitted CV together with experienced professionals from service lines. Due to the amount of the application it takes some time, within 4 weeks we inform each candidate about the progress of his/her application.

  • Interview(s)
    It is usual to have 3 rounds of interviews at the experienced selection process. The interview dates are checked via our online recruitment tool or by a phone call. Our interview schedules are flexible, so you will be offered several options of the interview date.

    The first interview is conducted by one of our recruitment experts. The aim of this interview is to explore the details of your educational and professional background, and to get to know more about your personality. It is also a great opportunity for you to ask questions about PwC, the details of the position, benefits, etc.

    The second interview is conducted by one of our professionals from the department of the vacant position. This interview will focus on your professional knowledge and your experience. It will be less structured than the first interview.

    The third round of the interview can be with the department leader (Partner) or with future colleagues.

    Based on the 3 rounds of interview we make the decision on the candidates.

  • Offer
    We inform our future colleagues by phone about the result of the selection process and invite them to our office. In this meeting you will be provided with an offer letter which contains the most important details (possible starting date, salary and benefits). We know that it is not easy to decide on your future, so we give you time to think it through and also we answer your any kind of question.

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