Realigning Business, Economies and Society

Today’s economic and political upheavals reflect an ongoing misalignment between businesses and economies on the one hand, and acceptable societal outcomes on the other.
How do we bring business, economies and societies back into greater alignment? 

Bob Moritz's blog: Understanding the new phase of globalism

In our 20th CEO Survey, while large numbers of business leaders told us it is becoming increasingly difficult to balance global competition and protectionism, the majority still focus on globalisation’s upsides. Bob Moritz, PwC Global Chairman, explains why that's important.

What is on the minds of CEOs in Central & Eastern Europe?

The 20th CEO survey looks back at two decades of rapid transformation in Central and Eastern Europe, seeking insights into what the future may hold, and offering business leaders’ thoughts on three areas they identify as crucial to their companies’ continued success: the fierce competition for talent; digital trust and innovation; and ensuring that growth benefits all segments of society.

Paying Taxes 2017

Paying Taxes 2017, now in its 11th edition, continues to be a unique report from PwC and the World Bank Group. It is the only piece of research which, by using a medium-sized domestic case study company, measures and assesses the ease of paying taxes across 190 economies. This year, for the first time, we look at two post-filing processes; obtaining a VAT refund and correcting a corporate income tax return and dealing with any corresponding tax audits. This publication also includes two articles which look beyond the case study.

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