Graduate Recruitment

Our entry-level recruitment strategy aims at making us known as the employer of choice. You will work in a culture that demands and respects quality. We are supportive of each other and work as a team, striving for common goals and building positive relationships with our clients and colleagues. As you discover more about the firm we are confident that the particular distinctiveness of PwC will emerge. As you discover about it, we are convinced that it will be come clear to you what is that sets us apart from others.

At the beginning of your career, you will understandably focus on education. We encourage you to look long term and to explore how you may leaders of the firm. We will therefore help you to match your skills and interests to the wide range of career opportunities available with us.

Professional life is everything but easy. Combining long hours and tight deadlines with further education is challenging and demands commitment. You should already be developing the capacity to set priorities and manage your time. Your academic achievements together with initiative in other activities, vacation work and travel, are all indications of your energy, motivation and independence.

We expect high quality, and in return meeting our standards will give you job satisfaction and the experience to set and achieve your own goals.

Your capacity to build positive working relationships with your colleagues and PwC's clients, at all levels, will be central to your progress within the firm.

Successful candidates' profile:

  • recent university graduates or university students in their final year of studies
  • interested in accounting, auditing, tax and advisory
  • has good knowledge of English (written and spoken)
  • has good command of IT literacy
  • ability to work in a team
  • good communication and interpersonal skills
  • strong career commitment
  • flexible to travel

Graduate programme 

Your program will start with an in depth residential training program to provide general and specific technical training designed to give you all the skills you'll need to fulfill your responsibilities.

Induction training

This a 10 day long event providing with you comprehensive knowledge about our company, our service lines and it is also a great opportunity to meet and get to know your new colleagues and Partners in a informal way.

Professional trainings

During your first months as an associate you will take part in several professional trainings in order to be prepared for your job. As an audit associate, you start our unique training program, which is the latest in computer-based interactive education, combined with hands-on experience working in an audit simulation. As a tax associate you start the registered tax advisor course within a couple months.

As a fresh-joined graduate, you'll grow as part of a team, continually taking on increased responsibilities.

Following your first weeks of trainings, you will be allocated to a team. The senior members of the team will be there to mentor you in your new role. As you gain more experience, you will be given more responsibility within the team. Your exposure to premier clients across industries will give you brilliant opportunities to learn about their businesses and develop relationships. As an associate, you'll begin with more routine tasks. Following through on details and administrative duties may be a part of your daily responsibilities. Task that you'll perform are different than those of managers and partners, but it is out of question how it is vital to PwC's success. The variety of tasks you'll experience during the first few years will enable you to learn the basics of your profession and gain a greater understanding of the business.

You'll get continuing on-the-job training. Whenever you have question or you are hesitating, our experienced colleagues are ready and happy to help you develop, but you must be proactive, identify new areas for learning and keep a positive attitude to be successful.

Selection process 

You have to submit an online application prior to the application deadline

Access our online application webpage.
Because of an expected high interest and volume shortly before the deadline, we encourage you to send your application as early as possible.

Your application will be reviewed during a screening process. The candidates who fulfil the required criteria will be invited for testing, which is the next step on the way to the final selection round. The testing consists of written exams and an interview with the recruitment team. The invitations for the testing will be sent to the candidates via mobile phone or e-mail.

Graduates FAQ 

What is the profile of an ideal graduate candidate?

We are looking for people, who are:

  • recent university graduates or university students in their final year of studies,
  • interested in accounting, auditing, tax and advisory,
  • has good knowledge of English (written and spoken),
  • has good command of IT literacy,
  • ability to work in a team,
  • good communication and interpersonal skills,
  • strong career commitment,
  • flexible to travel.

How soon after joining will I be given real responsibility?

Depending on the department you join as a graduate, you will spend the first couple of weeks on intensive learning event and trainings to prepare you working with clients, and then you will take on front-line, client-facing responsibility within a few weeks of joining the firm. You will quickly become an integral part of the team you join making valuable contributions.
Are you a bit afraid? - don't worry! Even though we like independent minds, constant monitoring of your progress means you'll always have support.

Will I be on a good starting salary?

The important thing when we talk about starting salary is to think about total rewards - salary plus benefits, incentives or bonuses, development and growth opportunities, long term earning potential and career enhancement.
In relation to salary, we believe we are very competitive and for our people, our remuneration is targeted either at the high end of the market or above it. Our remuneration philosophy is performance-related and our best people will enjoy the highest rewards.

Is there a good learning and education programme at PwC?

PwC is fully committed to life long learning. We encourage our people to undertake relevant professional exams. Our learning and education programme is tailored to your personal and professional needs. It includes ACCA, tax advisory courses, language courses, other professional courses, soft skill trainings and study support including study leave in line with the learning and education policy.

Is there a good social side of life at PwC?

Our people are very satisfied with the social and sporting activities available at PwC.
Some examples of social and sporting events sponsored by the firm:

  • Christmas Party
    A party to celebrate Christmas and our way of saying thank you.
  • Away Day
    Besides the evaluation of the previous year and the announcement of plans for the next year there is a chance to learn more about colleagues through exercises and other informal programmes.
  • Soccer Tournament
    Every year there is a regional soccer championship sponsored by the winner of the previous year's tournament.
  • Employee recreation
    We have contracts with several sports centres which offer various programs at special corporate conditions.
  • Santa Claus Party
    An event for our colleagues' children.

These events provide an excellent opportunity to meet other people from PwC outside the work environment. You will quickly become part of the PwC team and will develop long-term work and social relationships with your colleagues.

Hints for the recruitment process 

Be polite:

  • be on time, do not come late;
  • greet the interviewer on arrival and do not forget to say good-bye.

Appearance and manner:

  • your handshake should be self-confident, but not too strong;
  • avoid exaggerated gesture;
  • hold the eyecontact with the interviewer;
  • be self-confident;
  • your appearance should be clean and neat.

Prepare for the interview:

  • you can get answers for the following issues on the website of the firm (e.g. what kind of services PwC provides, who are the competitors of the firm, on which markets/industries PwC provides services);
  • it is worth to read articles about the firm.

Prepare for the interview questions:

  • questions can be open (e.g. Could you give me an example when you had to solve a difficult problem);
  • questions can be aimed to explore the details of a certain fact (e.g. What subjects did you have in the last semester at the university?);
  • questions about candidate’s opinion (e.g. How do you imagine your ideal job?);
  • questions about candidate’s personality (e.g. Which of your characteristics makes you able to fulfill this position?);
  • questions about the content of your application, CV;
  • your answers should be essential, avoid to go in deep details;
  • do not be frightened of unexpected question;
  • it is important to give straight and sincere answers.

Ask questions:

  • if you would like to know more about the job, work environment, do not hesitate to ask the interviewer;
  • you can ask about the further of steps of the selection process.

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