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What is PwC's Mini MBA?

PwC’s Mini MBA Programme is a corporate training programme intended to provide participants with a comprehensive overview of the different aspects of managing and growing a successful business enterprise. It seeks to help participants develop the ability to see the big picture and understand different, often conflicting perspectives, which need to be taken into account when making a business decision.

The programme is best described as a compressed MBA for practitioners. It elaborates on the key business concepts such as strategy, competition, marketing, sales, human capital management, accounting and finance, and equips participants with a framework to analyse and discuss business issues in a structured and logical manner.

Who is PwC's Mini MBA for?

The programme is suitable for professionals with min 3-4 years of experience who wish to deepen their understanding of business processes and strategy and enhance their managerial skills.

  • Young professionals identified as the key talent
  • Business unit leaders with functional expertise preparing to take on greater responsibilities
  • Owners and directors of small and medium enterprises
  • Experienced professionals who wish to upgrade their knowledge, skills and mind-set needed to be effective in performing their responsibilities and remain competitive in the job market

What is PwC's Mini MBA teaching method?

PwC's Mini MBA uses a mapping technique to explain interconnectedness of different segments of an organization. Mapping an organization and analysing it through a sequence, plays a significant role in comprehending the logic behind organisations, their structures and processes.

The initial session introduces the proprietary business map that serves as a roadmap for the remainder of the course, keeping the participants focused on how each individual business segment fits into the big picture, while the closing session pulls all the pieces into a whole.

The final day of the training programme is dedicated to solidifying the knowledge gained over the course of the programme. Participants get to work in teams on a Harvard business case that will address all aspects of planning, developing and implementing a business strategy, utilizing our proprietary business analysis map.

This is an important differentiating aspect of our programme: by linking all modules effectively into a whole, we train participants to move away from silo thinking and get into the habit of thinking about their everyday tasks in the context of the “big picture”. This contributes to better cooperation between different units and helps the overall business run more smoothly.

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