PwC's Academy in Croatia

PwC's Academy is an educational centre of PwC, one of the world's four leading professional services firms which provides audit, tax and business advisory services to small, medium and large organisations and public institutions.

The aim of PwC's Academy is to raise the quality of business education in the Croatian market. That's why we have designed programs for financial and non-financial professionals, based on the examples from our business practices, helping them become technically more competent, more efficient and better prepared for the challenges of modern business.

Our advantage

Our approach

Our philosophy is that learning is most effective when it is interactive and grounded in real-world scenarios. The content of our programs draws heavily on real business examples and our teaching methodology is closer to coaching than lecturing.

Our tutors

The PwC’s Academy tutors are our professionals who help their clients solve their business challenges on a daily basis, who have high understanding of the local business environment and regulations, and have knowledge from all industries.

Our network

As a member of the PwC network, we have access to business knowledge and ideas from all corners of the world. We collaborate intensely and share knowledge with our colleagues for the markets in the CEE region similar to ours , benefiting from each other's experience and methods of creating premium education programmes for adults.


PwC's Academy

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Branka Modrusan

Academy Leader, Zagreb, PwC Croatia

+385 (99) 255 4437


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